Microsoft Surface back ordered in France and Germany

After quickly selling out of its initial run of Surface tablets in the US, Canada and the UK, it appears that Microsoft has also run out of the Windows RT device, temporarily, in France and Germany.

According to the Microsoft Store websites made for both France and Germany, the shipments of the Surface tablet for anyone buying one right now won't actually go out for another one to two weeks. These shipment times cover all three versions of the Surface tablet.

The Microsoft Store website in Australia started its pre-orders for the Surface at the same time as the other sites. However, that site admitted from the start that pre-orders would not start shipping until November 6th.

Again, residents in the US and Canada who live near one of the permanent or temporary Microsoft Store retail locations will be able to purchase a Surface tablet, while supplies last, on Friday.

While Microsoft has not given out any official information about how many Surface tablets it will ship in its first order, some rumors claim that the company has made between three to five million units of the Windows RT version for the fourth quarter of 2012.

Source: Microsoft Store website | Image via Microsoft

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