Microsoft Surface Pro 2 gets price cuts as Pro 3 launch approaches

As the launch of its Surface Pro 3 approaches, Microsoft has taken the opportunity to drop the price of its predecessor, the Surface Pro 2 - although if you were hoping for massive price reductions, you'll be disappointed. 

Last month, the company cut prices on its Surface Pro 2 line in the UK by up to £150 GBP ($254), and savings have now made it to the US via the Microsoft Store.

The entry-level 64GB Pro 2 is now available for $799, down from $899, making it the same price as the 64GB Pro 3. The 128GB Pro 2 has also had a price cut of $100, while the more expensive 256GB and 512GB models each get $200 off. The range-topping 512GB Pro 2 now costs $1599 (although it is currently out of stock), while the 512GB Pro 3 is available for pre-order at $1949. 

Only one Surface Pro 3 model will be available initially, when the 128GB version with Intel Core i5 goes on sale on June 30, priced at $999. Given that the Pro 3 is larger, more powerful and more advanced than its predecessor, we wouldn't be at all surprised to see prices reduced further on the Pro 2 once the full Pro 3 range becomes available at the end of August. 

Source: Microsoft Store 

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