Microsoft Surface tablet rumored to be sold in China

So far, Microsoft has said that its upcoming Windows RT version of the company's Surface tablet will be sold in the US and Canada via its own Microsoft Store retail locations. Now there's a new rumor that claims the Surface launch may be going global after all and that outside retail stores will be distributing the product.

In a translated report from the Chinese-based WPDang,com, it claims, via unnamed sources, that the Surface will be sold in China via the Suning retail chain. Yet another source claims, via the Weibo social network, that employees at Suning actually received training on the Surface tablet a few hours ago.

If this is indeed true, the launch of the Surface could also happen in other parts of the world, including Europe, where Microsoft has yet to launch any of its retail stores.

Microsoft will be launching a number of small and temporary holiday stores in the US and Canada on October 26th, where the emphasis will be on selling the Surface product. Hopefully we will learn more about Microsoft's plans to make the Surface available for sale outside of North America in the very near future.

Source: | Image via Microsoft

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