Microsoft talks more about Xbox 360 account security

Today has been named as Safer Internet Day. On this occasion Microsoft has decided to take some time to talk to Xbox 360 owners and Xbox Live subscribers about how the company is trying to handle reports of Xbox Live accounts being highjacked. It's an issue that Microsoft and a number of Xbox Live users have been dealing with a lot lately. So far, Microsoft has insisted that the Xbox Live service itself has not been attacked and has blamed the account hijackings on phishing scams and other methods.

Today on Microsoft's Major Nelson web site, Xbox Live's General Manager Alex Garden stated that Microsoft has been very aware of the rise of Xbox Live account attacks, stating:

I can assure you we are listening and continue to take aggressive steps to help protect you against ever-changing threats. We also care deeply about how this ongoing issue affects your experience with Xbox LIVE and your trust in us.

Microsoft has set up a web site that gives Xbox Live subscribers more information about how to secure their account from threats such as phishing scames, malware intrustions, accessing an Xbox Live password via a user's password on another online service and even using "social engineering" to discover personal information by chatting online with an Xbox Live user.

Garden also states that Microsoft is trying harder to work with Xbox Live subscribers who have had their accounts taken over by hackers. He states that Microsoft has added more resources to help with recovering an Xbox Live account that has been compromised. He states, " ... most new fraud cases we are now able to investigate and return accounts within three days."

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