Microsoft testing or rolling out new Bing navigation bar

Microsoft's Bing search engine appears to be testing or rolling out a new navigation bar on its website, with the interface now featuring the company's design style.

As with Windows 10, user icons on the new navigation bar are now circular, and the settings cog now features a wireframe icon. Additionally, slight changes have been made to the spacing and fonts, possibly to make the website easier to interact with on large touchscreen devices.

The new interface doesn't appear to be tied to user accounts or browsers, as not all accounts tested by Neowin featured the new interface. Similarly, one account that displayed the new navigation bar in Internet Explorer didn't display the updated navigation bar in Chrome.

Even when the new navigation bar does occur, it currently is only displayed on search pages. The new navigation bar has yet to appear on the Bing homepage on accounts tested by Neowin.

Microsoft has begun using its new design language in more of the company's products and services, with Windows 10 being the most noticeable. Even at the company's headquarters, employee badges now feature the new design language, with staff photos set in circles on their IDs.

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