Microsoft has pushed out two updates to Windows 10; causing crashes for some.

The Windows team, it seems, has no time to rest, as Microsoft is still pushing out updates to Windows 10 days before the launch of the OS; the weekend was no exception. A rare occurrence, Microsoft's teams have pushed out two updates over the weekend.

The first, KB3074681, was pushed out on Saturday and, as is usual with these small updates, not many details were provided about what the update fixes. There have, however, been reports by some users that the update is causing Explorer to crash at times. This usually occurs when a user tries disable an active network adapter or when trying to uninstall applications under the Programs and Features tab in the Control Panel. As the application crashes when trying to uninstall any programs, it makes it nigh impossible to even uninstall the update.

The second was pushed out just a few hours ago and, like the previous one, does not include much in the name of details. It is identified as a security update but, hopefully, it also addresses the aforementioned crashes.

Microsoft has been pushing out a flurry of updates as the launch of the OS draws ever closer, trying to perfect every feature and smooth every jagged edge before the official launch, with as many as 5 updates already.

Source: WinSuperSite

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