Microsoft working on App-store like software distribution

Steve Ballmer, at the recently held developers conference at Sydney, Australia, said that Microsoft is working on a App-store like software distribution. Apple's iPhone and App-store have really stirred the Windows Mobile Market. Though there are many 'app-store like' distributions, for example - Handango, they are not something that is offered directly from Microsoft. But at the same time Ballmer also mentioned there are no plans to mimic iPhone's App-store.

During the question-and-answer portion of his time on stage at an event the company billed as "Liberation Day" for Australian developers, Ballmer said that Microsoft will soon launch a service that will let programmers sell their wares directly to consumers.

"I actually will agree that there's some good work, particularly at Facebook. and also with the iPhone, where both of those companies have made it easier for developers to distribute their applications," Ballmer said when asked whether Microsoft would provide a way for developers to create software and distribute it directly to users.

"[They've] made it easier to kind of get exposure for your applications," Ballmer continued. "There's not much money being made, but the general concept of giving developers a way not only to get their code distributed, but to really get visibility for the code, is a good idea."

Microsoft does have WindowsMarketPlace, where developers can distribute their Software to PC users. At the worst, Microsoft can plug-in a Mobile category and throw in a mobile client to access and install apps directly to your mobile.

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