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Microsoft works with Open Web Docs to update Progressive Web Apps how-to documentation

Back in 2018, Microsoft announced it would start to bring Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to Windows 10. Since then PWAs have been a success on both Windows 10 and 11, and are available to download from both the Microsoft Store and from browsers like Microsoft Edge. Indeed, just a few weeks ago, Microsoft announced that PWA developers could adapt their apps to work in the Edge sidebar.

However, developers who actually want to create PWAs to work with Edge and Windows 10 and 11 had to deal with documentation and tutorials from the MDN site that in most cases had not been updated in a long time. That has now changed, thanks to a new partnership between Microsoft and members of the Open Web Docs collective.

In a blog post, Microsoft stated:

MDN’s PWA docs have been a great resource for web developers, and we saw an opportunity to refresh them to reflect new capabilities, best practices, and emerging developer and user trends beyond mobile devices. With this refresh, we wanted to ensure new content would be relevant to all developers, whatever device, platform, or browser they were targeting. After all, building an app with PWA technologies is a great way to create an amazing OS native-like experience for all your users, on desktop, mobile, and all device types, from just one codebase.

In its own blog post, the Open Web Docs collective noted that the documentation on PWAs on MDN "were mostly written in 2017, and were never substantially updated since." The group used the Divio system to add "explanations, how-to pages, a new tutorial, and updated the existing reference docs where that was needed."

Interested developers can now go to the updated MDN Progressive Web Apps page to get the info they need to get started making PWAs. You can also get involved in the Open Web Doc non-profit group in a number of ways including making a donation.

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