Microsoft's COO likely on Target's shortlist for next CEO

Target has been in the news a lot lately and it has not been good for the company’s bottom line. Because of the massive credit card breach, the CEO has resigned and the company is now on the hunt to find a new head to lead the company.

One of the names that is likely on the short list is Kevin Turner, who is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Microsoft. Why would Turner be an ideal candidate for Target? Well, Turner worked at Wal-Mart for roughly two decades and knows the retail space quite well. He is also helping Microsoft push out new retail locations with Microsoft too, so he knows a thing or twenty about Target’s business model.

More so, you would have to expect that Turner was hoping to take the CEO position at Microsoft after Ballmer announced his retirement, but it was passed up for Satya Nadella.

So, when Target is looking for the leader to take their company down the path of innovation and pushing retail sales, Turner hits all the right checkboxes for the spot.

Turner could also help Target move into the cloud space and build a significant presence to fight Amazon, and with his connections and Microsoft, he would have the ability to build out the infrastructure.

We know that the CEO search can be a lengthy process, and even Microsoft took several months to find the right candidate. We don’t expect Target to make any quick decisions in their search but we would bet that if they came knocking on Tuner’s door, he wouldn’t be one to shy away.

Via: CNN

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