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Skype Insider gets another big update with new features and improvements for PC and mobile

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Skype Insiders have a big new update to try under version 8.119. New features include a refresh call UI on mobile web, a picture-in-picture call monitor on iOS, better audio device controls on Windows, SMS improvements, and minor fixes.

Here is what is new in Skype Insider 8.119:

New Call Panel UI on Mobile Web

Unified Experience: Enjoy a seamless transition between the mobile app and mobile web with consistent, unified designs.

  • End Call Button Redesign: The End Call button now sits perfectly in the header, making it more intuitive and accessible.
  • Focused Flex Layout: Effortlessly switch to focus mode, centering on what's important in your call.
  • Footer Controls Update: The call controls in the footer are updated for a more user-friendly experience, mirroring the mobile app layout.
  • Light/Dark Theme Support: Your call panel now adapts to your theme preference, delivering a consistent and eye-friendly look.
  • Performance Boost: Code cleanup ensures a faster, smoother call experience.

Picture-in-Picture Call Monitor on iOS

  • Unified Calling Experience: Enjoy consistent call monitoring across platforms like Windows, macOS, and Android, now available on iOS.
  • 1-on-1 Calls Support: Stay engaged with a small Picture-in-Picture (PiP) window that lets you continue your video call while navigating other apps.
  • Dark Background with Profile Image: When the other participant isn't sharing video or screen, the PiP window will show a centered profile image for easy identification.
  • Seamless Video Continuation: Your call video remains visible in PiP mode even when you multitask, ensuring uninterrupted conversation.
  • System Constraints: Tap the PiP window to return directly to the call panel. However, other call controls (mute, hang up) remain accessible via the main call screen.

Simplified Audio Device Selection on Windows

  • Direct Device Selection: Pick the exact microphone and speaker devices from a clear, organized list.
  • Seamless Setup: Eliminate confusion and ensure your calls use your preferred audio devices.

Prevent Sending SMS to Invalid Numbers

  • Clear Notification: A popup immediately alerts you, ensuring no wasted credits or confusion.
  • Accurate Messaging: Double-check the number and resend, so your SMS always lands where intended.

Finally, Skype 8.119 fixed problems with playing audio messages on Apple devices running iOS 17.

More information about the latest Skype Insider update is available on the official forums. You can sign up for the program on the Skype website.

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