MOGA game controller coming to Windows Phone 8

If you want to play casual games made for touch screens on Windows Phone 8-based smartphones - say, Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja - that's pretty easy to do. However, playing more hardcore games such as first-person shooters on a phone takes a little more effort with a touchscreen UI.

Today, Microsoft revealed, as part of its Game Developer Conference 2013 announcements, that game accessory company PowerA will be adding Windows Phone 8 support for its MOGA mobile phone game controllers. The SDK for those game developers will be released "soon" and we should see Windows Phone 8-based games that support the controller itself released shortly after that event.

Microsoft also announced today that Unity 3D, the game graphics engine company, has launched an open beta for Unity 4 for Windows Phone 8. The Marmalade SDK is also now available for Windows Phone 8 game creators and Havok, the game physics software tool that's owned by Intel, is also adding support for Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft also revealed today that over a third of all Windows Phone app downloads are games and that 60 percent of Windows Phone Store revenue comes from its downloadable games. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any news on Microsoft's plans for Windows 8 games nor any word on the rumored next generation Xbox at GDC 2013.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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