More AMD Deneb details leaked to spoil the Core i7 party?

As many of you have already seen Intel Core i7 reviews have hit the web, and most reviews have given the Core i7 the thumbs up. Benchmarks puts the i7 inbetween the Core 2 Quad Extreme series and the SkullTrail Gaming platform. This is an impressive feat for Intel, giving the customer a good excuse to upgrade their system just before Xmas.

So what's AMD going to do to fight the Core i7?
This is where Deneb comes in. Deneb is AMD's 45nm quad core competitor. Deneb is the replacement for the currently underperforming Phenom. Although AMD managed a great technical feat with the Phenom managing to create a true quad core cpu Intel's 2xdual core design still beat it on outright performance.

This month AMD will release its first "Deneb" Phenom CPU's:

Phenom X4 20550 @ 3.0 Ghz
Phenom X4 20350 @ 2.8 Ghz
It's not known yet how well the new cpu's will perform or their exact specification, but it is known that they will be compatible with current AM2+ motherboards with a bios update, so unlike the Core i7 a motherboard upgrade will not be required.

Its also expected that AMD will bring back its "FX" enthusiast line of CPU's in 2009 using the AM3 socket.

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