More rumors of next Playstation console surface

There's been a lot of rumors about what Sony's next major game console will be like and when it will launch. While Sony claims it won't be making any new console hardware announcements at E3 this June, a new article at Kotaku claims via unnamed sources to have some new details about the successor to the Playstation 3, which launched in November 2006.

The story claims that the working name for the next Sony game console is Orbis, which in Latin can mean orbit or circle or ring. The article suggests that the name could be the final title for the console which might mean Sony is dumping the Playstation name after over a decade of use.

The article also claims that there are no plans to offer Playstation 3 backwards compatibility in the new console and that there will be some kind of anti-used game technology inside. It says that disc-based games will be linked to a person's online PSN account. If another person buys the same disk, they will only be able to play the game in limited ways before having to purchase a key to unlock the full version.

Both the CPU and GPU are supposed to be made by AMD and that a few game developers have already received development kits for the "Orbis". Finally, the article says the console will launch at the end of 2013.

Sony has, as expected, not commented on the details of this article and its more than possible that one or more of these details might change.

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