Motorola Edge+ displays suffering from serious issues, software might not fix it

Motorola re-entered the flagship smartphone market with its Edge and Edge+ devices in April. The devices came with impressive specs, with the Edge+ scoring a nine out of ten score in our review. One of the highlights of the Edge+ is its 90Hz OLED “Endless Edge” display. However, all is not well with the display for some owners, as reports began emerging of serious display issues.

Users began reporting of purple spots on their $1,000 smartphone’s displays back in May, with other owners confirming the existence of the same issues with their devices. However, more screenshots began emerging in the support forums early this month, including problems with displays suffering from excessive green tints and uneven brightness, suggesting that the issue is widespread.

Earlier last week, a Verizon update was released to users of the device aimed at fixing the issue. The comments in the forums suggested that the update fixed the problems for some of the users. However, other entries from owners mentioned that the update did not entirely fix the problems since the tinting was present even during boot. An administrator is now advising users to get the devices replaced, adding that “some displays could be beyond the point of recovery via software”. The new devices along with the update should apparently “protect a new display from developing this smudging”, the response read.

If you are still facing major display issues with the device, it is best to check for updates to make sure that the fix is applied. However, if the problems persist, you can contact Verizon for a replacement, since software alone may not fix the smudging and tinting issues.

Source: Lenovo Forums via droidlife | Images: Lenovo Forums

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