Mozilla Releases Firefox 'Deer Park Alpha 1'

Mozilla has just posted the first of their Firefox 1.1 preview releases, intended to give developers and open-source enthusiasts a chance to get their feet wet with the upcoming "trunk-based" release. Firefox 1.1 will take advantage of numerous rendering and stability enhancements, thousands of bug fixes, and several new features like a "settings sanitizer" and a redesigned browser option interface.

For those of you who follow Firefox development, Deep Park Alpha build is nothing more than a stabilized or "glorified" nightly trunk build. Remember that Deer Park Alpha 1 is not considered to be usable in a production environment or on systems containing important information. DPA1 is also branded differently than a regular Firefox release, installing files and shortcuts in a special program folder.

Deer Park Alpha 1, a preview release of Mozilla Firefox 1.1 aimed at developers, is now available for download from the Firefox project page. Previously referred to in planning documents as the Deer Park Developer Preview, the Firefox 1.1 Developer Preview and Firefox 1.1 Alpha, Deer Park Alpha 1 is aimed at developers and testers rather than regular end-users. In an attempt to dissuade end-users from downloading the preview, Deer Park Alpha 1 does not use the standard Mozilla Firefox branding. Deer Park is the codename for Firefox 1.1.

View: Release Notes | Unofficial Changelog | Firefox Roadmap

Download: Mozilla Firefox Deer Park Alpha 1

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