Mozilla returns the flavor, sends IE team a cake for IE10

Microsoft, back in the day, used to send the Firefox development team cupcakes each time they shipped a new version of the browser. The tradition carried on for several major Firefox releases until the company expedited version control and now seemingly releases a new version of the browser every other month. 

With the release of Windows 8, the IE team is also celebrating the next major release of their browser, IE10. Seeing an opportunity to repay past baked good debts, the Mozilla team delivered a cake to the IE10 team as a way of saying congratulations.

It's always reassuring to see corporate giants do something good for a change. In a world where suing the pants off your competitor is common-place, a pat on the back to a competitor is a remarkable gesture considering that these two entities are competitors. 

Now, how can we get in on this baked-good swapping action? 

Source: IE on Twitter

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