Mozilla wants to redesign the Firefox brand and you can help

Mozilla's Firefox icon has become one of the most recognizable logos among PC users. Even though the organization behind the browser has made some changes to it over the years, they've usually been fairly subtle without changing the fundamentals of the design.

After overhauling its own brand in January of last year Mozilla is now looking into making significant changes to the Firefox brand, with new logos for all of its components. Just like last time, it wants users to help choose and refine the final design, with the team presenting two essentially distinct design systems, seen below.

The two systems above consist of four major components. First, at the top, we see the "masterbrand" icon, which will englobe all things Firefox. The first row features the well-known general-purpose browser icons for Firefox Quantum and its variants, Developer Edition and Nightly. The next one features more niche browser icons, such as Firefox Focus and Firefox Reality. Lastly, there are icons for new apps and services that might be released under the Firefox brand.

Mozilla is asking those who give feedback to focus on a few specific questions, such as whether the icons still feel like Firefox or if each system is cohesive. The blog post also warns that this isn't a voting contest and that the answer won't be picked simply based on the majority of comments. Additionally, it's noted that the icons in both groups aren't final and could change dramatically before they become public. Right now, the team is only looking for feedback on which system to use for designing icons.

It's currently unclear when Mozilla wants to roll out the new branding for its products, but it could still be a while, as the blog post states it will be refining the final system over the coming months. If you'd like to give your feedback to the team, you can do so in the comment section of the announcement.

Via: VentureBeat

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