Neowin Comment : Is the Apple Getting Rotten?

Like many PC users, when I saw the second generation of Apple's Cinema Displays I thought they looked great. Packing a sleek, sexy metal frame and superb design to match, how couldn't one?!

As my desire increased, so did the level of research and intrigue into this quite unique product. While doing my research, my views changed rather remarkably. Two things took me by surprise, and quite frankly, if you're not aware of this, then you should be.

It's fair to say that Apple can be credited for starting up mainstream interest in the large/widescreen LCD market, with their line of Cinema Displays. Their first generation of Cinema Displays came out in August 31, 1999, with a top end size of 23" and a resolution of 1600 x 1024. A little over five years later, Apple released their second generation of Cinema Displays. However, this new line up has some potentially quite serious issues. First, the limited warranty Apple offer; second, display problems.

View: More Information about Apple's Cinema Displays

Screenshot: 1 | 2 (1st Generation of Cinema Displays)

Screenshot: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 (2nd Generation of Cinema Displays)

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