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Neowin News: We seek staff writers.

Serious call-up for those people that are able to write a weekly column (read, not newsposters) for Neowin that will focus on the weeks news. My idea for the column will be an in-sight to the tech world and opinion that can generate debate on the written issue.

Your editorial will be viewed by no less than around 30-40,000 unique connections daily and not to mention the premium affiliation we have around the tech world. It will boost the userbase to Neowin when we can send out own editorials for posting on other sites with unique content. If you are studying to be a journalist this is the position for you.

Serious applicants need only apply, please feel free to send in a editorial so we can see your style in action. We would require this to be at least weekly but can obviously be more frequent.

If you are interested please feel free to email me at neobond@neowin.net where we can discuss the position in greater detail. You can also leave comments if you require more information.

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