Neowin Podcast Episode 21: A new look for Windows 10 and new OnePlus phones

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Welcome back to the Neowin Podcast. On episode 21, Rich and João talk about the new icons that Microsoft is working on for Windows 10, the new phones from OnePlus, and an alleged Qualcomm PC chipset could spell trouble for the next generation of Windows on ARM devices.

It's been quite the interesting week for tech news, starting with OnePlus revealing the OnePlus 9 series, including the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. The two new phones aren't all that surprising, but they're interesting all the same, both packing 120Hz displays, wireless charging, and a promising camera experience thanks to a partnership with Hasselblad. OnePlus also revealed its first smartwatch, the OnePlus Watch.

Then, Windows fans got some big news with the first major shakeup to the icons in Windows 10's File Explorer we've seen in years. The new icons are more colorful and have João way more excited than he should be. And finally, a leak revealed the benchmark results of an alleged Qualcomm chipset for Windows PCs, and the numbers don't look great. As Rich puts it, Qualcomm may have Osborne'd its next-generation chipset because of its recent acquisition of Nuvia.

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