Neowin Review: Upgrade to gaming bliss for under £150

It seems like only a few months since I installed my Geforce4 4200ti, but time has passed and new games have been released. The last generation of graphics cards don't cut-the-mustard anymore. Frequently having to reduce the screen size, texture quality and turn off/down FSAA in a recent game does get frustrating. Especially when you see, the beautiful hi-resolution, in-game screenshots with FSAA set to max and Antistropic filtering enabled too.

Therefore, its time again to see what the current mainstream cards can keep up with the current flock of games and give good benchmark results a reasonable price. I set myself a £150 price limit. Which is within reach for most people. I selected a mainstream card from Nvidia & ATI and set to work...

The two cards I chose to test were:

  • Sparkle Nvidia GeforceFX 5900XT

  • Crucial ATI Radeon 9600 Pro

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