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Neowin Server Speed

I noticed a few threads that commented on the Server speed here at Neowin being, well - Slower than usual. Let me point out why this was so.

It appears that we were highlighted on TV in a program called "The Screensavers" on TechTV, Chris Pirillo told the caller to "go to Neowin.net to learn about Windows XP compatability with games such as Diablo, which is not compatiable with XP, in my case anyway". (thanks for that -ED)

This most likely contributed to us maxing out at 803 online at one time (our server host actually counted a max of 912 simultaneous users).

I need to point out first that we are not on a dedicated server, so the bandwidth we suck up daily will affect a small amount of other sites on the same server. Also we are sponsored by HostTyme who have since the beginning of August been a Ray of Light for Neowin who would otherwise be in alot of trouble (and possibly offline). We at Neowin decided to take the path of NOT squeezing every last dime we could off the Internet and simply are here to deliver a service to our visitors, its not our way of living and doesnt put money in my pocket. We intend to keep it this way so that our visitors never have to deal with pop-ups or other surprises many other sites have chosen to do.

I have to say though to our more regular visitors that an email of appreciation is in order directed to HostTyme not complaints, because again, we will simply not be here if it were not for HostTyme. They have told me that we could experience slow-downs as they continue to upgrade their servers. This has been on-going for the past 2-3 weeks and should be finished soon.

They continue to support us at THEIR OWN cost, which makes me the most appreciative man on the Earth. My 0.2 cents.

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