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New Everquest and Everquest II expansions announced

Yes, the 858,449th expansion for Everquest has officially been announced by Sony Online Entertainment. Along with this announcement, comes the added expansion announcement for Everquest II. Both expansions will see the light of day in February and both will retail for $29.99US or $26.99 if you pre-order the digital version.


Everquest: Prophecy of Ro will see three important new features added to the original Everquest that will freshen up the game for long time users. The first, spheres of influence, can be used to thwart your enemies or aid allies. The second feature is a trap system that will let players deceive opponents with player-set traps. And for the first time in EverQuest, players will be able to destroy objects in the world; doors can be bashed in, walls can be toppled and towers can be destroyed, leading to a new level of interactivity within the game and opening up a new realm of design.


Everquest II: Kingdom of Sky will see many new additions to the game. The level cap will be raised to 70. Full PvP will be added to the game (game wise as well, all users will see PvP now). New PvP arenas and arena champions will be added. A new structured Achievement system of skills and abilities to further specialize and individualize your character will be added. Ten new adventure zones, 25 new enemies, of course a load of new treasures will all be added.


News source: Yahoo Biz 

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