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New look MSN turns away non-MS lovers

MSN's new look pilot site, a move to the look and feel of Windows XP, is suffering a few teething problems - some users can't get on it.

Microsoft intends to go live with the design as it launches Windows XP tomorrow, but it's already remade its Brazilian site as we highlighted in yesterday's article.

A number of readers wrote in to advise us of the following happy news when trying to access the site:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d'

Type mismatch: '[string: "("]'

/include/browser.asp, line 45

More interesting though is the news that some browsers have been redirected to this link, which displays a notice in Portuguese informing readers (according to the Register's in-house Portuguese expert, Lester Haines) that "your navigator is not compatible" with this site and thus may not work properly. It helpfully directs them to download sites for IE and MSN Explorer (and reminds them that both are free).

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