New Medal of Honor for the GBA

Electronic Arts is working on a new Medal of Honor game for the Game Boy Advance.

Electronic Arts has officially announced Medal of Honor Infiltrator for the Game Boy Advance. In this top-down action game, players will assume the role of Corporal Jake Murphy, who will have to complete five different missions set against the backdrop of World War II's most famous battles. To complete these missions, Murphy will have to sabotage enemy installations, use disguises to infiltrate enemy positions, and even use tanks to wreak havoc on enemy forces. He will also have a variety of weapons at his disposal, including machine guns, grenades, and bazookas. Medal of Honor Infiltration will support multiplayer play via the Game Boy Advance link cable, and it will also activate a map feature in Medal of Honor Rising Sun for the GameCube via a GC-GBA connectivity cable.

News source: GameSpot

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