New Nokia Lumia Camera Extension app revealed?

The line up of Lumia smartphones from Nokia now stands at four; the 610, the 710, the 800 and of course the flagship Lumia 900. Now there's word that the entire Lumia family may be getting an upgrade that will add some new camera features to the Windows Phone-based devices.

According to leaked photos of a Nokia presentation over at (via WPCentral), the Lumia devices will get a software upgrade that will add what the company is calling a Camera Extension app. The software will add a number of new features to those phones, including a new way to take panoramic photos, a smart group capture feature, a picture burst mode and a self timer.

The same website also showed another slide from the Nokia presentation, which shows an upcoming Data Counter app. Obviously, this software will be used to track how much data a Lumia smartphone owner uses per month. With wireless carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile and now Verizon all effectively killing off their unlimited data plans, you can bet this app will be used a lot by power owners.

There's no word on when either of these new software additions will make their way to a Lumia phone near you, although if they are being shown off in presentations, they are likely fairly close to launching. There's also no word if these new software additions will require an additional cost.

Image via BlogJackPhone

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