New NVIDIA drivers improve Battlefield 3 performance

This morning NVIDIA released new drivers for its GeForce family of PC graphics chips. The 285.62 version of the drivers are WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) approved and should be downloaded if you have a desktop PC with a GeForce-based graphics card installed.

This particular driver release is being promoted as the best way to get the most performance from Battlefield 3, the first person shooter from Electronic Arts that will officially be released on Tuesday. NVIDIA says, "For Battlefield 3 we’ve improved performance by up to 11 (percent) since the release of the GeForce 285.38 beta drivers."

Hardcore PC games, a label that can be given to a lot of our readers, will definitely want to install these drivers on your NVIDIA-based PC gaming rig.

It goes without saying that updating the graphics drivers on a PC is a constant in a hardcore PC gamer's life (some might say it's a constant pain). NVIDIA makes it easier by providing an page on the web site that can automatically check out which GPU your PC desktop or notebook has inside and then show you which official and beta drivers are available for your PC.

In addition to the Battlefield 3 improvements, the new 285.62 drivers also have some improvements for the recent id Software shooter Rage along with compatibility with the upcoming PC port of Batman: Arkham Asylum.

If you own an AMD Radeon-based PC, its recommended that you download the main 11.9 Catalyst drivers along with the 11.10 Version 3 preview drivers. Hopefully AMD will release the final version of the 11.10 drivers soon.

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