New Windows Phone TV ad pits Nokia against Samsung

Microsoft's Ben Rudolph (aka @BenThePCGuy) is at it again in the newest Windows Phone TV commercial that Microsoft has just uploaded to YouTube. Like his previous videos promoting the Windows Phone platform, Rudolph is letting people on the street check out a Windows Phone against that of the competition.

In this newest video, which will be broadcast during the "March Madness" NCAA basketball tournament this week on CBS and ESPN, Rudolph has a Nokia Lumia 920, with its PureView camera, that he pits against a couple's Samsung Galaxy S III. Specifically, he takes pictures of the couple at night with both cameras.

You can pretty much guess what the outcome will be with this challenge as the Lumia 920's camera blows away the one in the Samsung Galaxy S III thanks to the PureView's better image capture technology when used at night. The couple didn't win the $100 that Rudolph dangled in front of them but they did get to keep the Lumia 920.

These TV commercials continue to be perhaps the most effective of all the Windows Phone ads in terms of making the OS look and operate differently, and in many ways, better than Android and iOS.

Source: Windows Phone blog

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