Nike+iPod Time Magazine's Gadget of the Week

Time Magazine has declared the Nike+iPod kit its Gadget of the Week, with positive praise too from the Wall Street Journal. Time's Wilson Rothman said: "For a field already glutted with gadgets, the Nike + iPod kit is the most elegant of high-tech runner's aids."

He describes the functions of the device, including the reassuring female voice which tells a runner when to begin the race, and advises users to calibrate their running speed in order to determine the most accurate results. Walt Mossberg at the Wall Street Journal joins the cacophony of iPod + sport praise. He's also positive about the product, and a little enamoured of that female voice.

"After a few runs or walks, instead of feeling like we were chugging along alone, we were suddenly running with a built-in coach who voiced encouragement every so often - or whenever we pressed the centre button for an update of our progress. For us, this was a real benefit," he writes.

"We hope this product can improve in the future to do other things like distinguishing walks from runs, automatically triggering your PowerSong when you slow down or incorporating heart-rate monitoring. But the Nike + iPod Sport Kit is a great first effort. It's easy to understand, and its audible encouragement is helpful," the Wall Street Journal concludes.

News source: Macworld UK

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