Nintendo Wii Launching in Britain Tomorrow!

That's right all you awesome British peeps, tomorrow is the big day for you guys! Nintendo will launch the Wii tomorrow December 8th. The first launch event will take place at HMV Oxford Street, London. And there will be other events taking place in Dublin, Edinburgh and Birmingham! But quantities are limited. Nintendo did promise however, that for people who did not pre-order a Wii, some stores would have stock available for those who wanted to wait in line for a unit.

The event at Oxford Street begins at 11 PM local time tonight, and over 200 Gamestation stores will be opening early at midnight to start selling the Wii to you. However, I would call ahead to Gamestation if I were you, since not every store will have extra stock to sell. And plus, from what I understand the weather isn't so hot right now over there for you guys - typical eh? Other store chains are not opening early from what is being reported, so it looks like Gamestation stores are the only option. But since I don't know the retail sector to well in the UK, I can't say for sure of course!

Hope you guys enjoy the Wii launch, and I hope you enjoy the console itself. It's been over a year since the Xbox 360 launched over there nI believe, and since the Playstation 3 isn't going to launch until March of 2007 in the UK, I'm sure alot of you are looking forward to the Nintendo Wii. Have at it boys!

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