'No weak links' in Bioshock 2 team, says studio exec

Doubts have been circulating around the development of Bioshock 2, as the original 2K Boston and Australia teams aren't involved with the sequel. But 2K Marin (the studio working on Bioshock 2) Ceative Director, Jordan Thomas, has said in an interview with Gamespot that there is no weak links in his team.

"We started to very slowly, and through a very stringent interview process, bring in the top talent in the Bay Area, and cherry pick, essentially, I'm now very proud of the group we put together. There's really no dead weight, and I'm consistently surprised by their talent, and their passion for BioShock. ... The minds that shaped the 2K Australia studio and 2K Marin were kind of a child that came out of 2K Boston and beyond, and 2K as a whole, frankly."

Only 5 members were revealed to be working on Bioshock 2 who were part of the development team at 2K Boston/Australia. Also notably absent from the sequel is Ken Levine who was the lead designer for the first game. Rumours have been circulating the internet regarding his involvement with the sequel however he revealed to Gamespot in an interview last month he was working on an unnamed project for 2K Boston.

"2K Boston is focused on our next project, which will probably come as a huge surprise to our audience and yet at the same time will make total sense once they see it. I will say that we're clicking on all cylinders," Martin said.

Bioshock 2 was announced with a sneak peak trailer at the end of the Playstation 3's port of the first game in late 2008. The April edition of Game Informer revealed players will control a rogue Big Daddy this time around, where they investigate the disappearance of girls from coastline areas around the Atlantic. The game is set to release in Q4 2009.

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