Nokia 808 PureView 41MP camera phone won't come to US

Nokia shocked a lot of people in the smartphone industry last week when it announced its 808 PureView smartphone at the Mobile World Congress trade show. The device, running the Nokia Belle operating system (formerly known as Symbian), will have a massive 41 megapixel sensor for its rear facing camera when it is released later this year. Yes, we still can't quite believe it ourselves.

Now Nokia has posted up more of the technical details of the 808 PureView device on its official developer web site. The bad news? The site confirms that while technically the smartphone will have a "global" launch, a little sidebar also states "Excluding North America" (the information is uncovered when you click on the "General" tab on the web page).

Nokia has not revealed a reason why the 808 PureView won't be coming to the US or Canada. It's possible that Nokia doesn't want to confuse the smartphone buying public there, where it is trying hard to push its new Windows Phone-based Lumia devices. In any case, it seems like the best way a US or Canadian citizen can get their hands on an 808 PureView is to import it themselves.

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