Nokia: free Lumia 920 wireless charging pad for Yahoo workers

This past weekend, a internal Yahoo memo was leaked to the Internet that announced that the company was going to give its full and part-time employees the choice of five current or upcoming smartphones for free. The deal includes paying for their employees' data and phone bills. One of them was the Windows Phone 8-based Lumia 920 from Nokia, which won't be released until sometime later this fall.

Today, Nokia itself sweetened the Yahoo offer with one of their own. In a Twitter message, Nokia's Media Relations head Doug Dawson stated, "Yahoo! employees: we'll include a wireless charging plate with your Lumia 920. ."

There's no word on which wireless charging plate Nokia will give to the Yahoo team members if they choose the Lumia 920. The company showed off a number of models during the Lumia 920 press event in New York City earlier this month. The choices include a basic wireless charging plate, a wireless charger that allows the user to continue to access the smartphone while standing it up vertically, and the comfy looking Nokia wireless charging pillow from Fatboy.

JBL will also released a speaker for the Lumia 920, shown above, that has wireless charging support.

Source: Doug Dawson Twitter page

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