ASUS Windows 8 road-map leaked, price is concerning

Pricing of Windows RT products has been a big black hole for some time. Since Microsoft first announced the OS and the initial batch of products were uncovered, we never knew the pricing points for these products. Thanks to ZDnet being able to snag some insider ASUS information, it looks like Windows RT products are not going to be priced to compete and will go head-to-head with low end laptops.

The image you see below outlines three products, starting with the ASUS Vivo Tab RT (runs Windows RT) with the price point of $599, which does not include the dock. The ASUS Vivo Tab, which will run Windows 8, will cost $799, a mere $200 more than the simplified Tab RT. 

The price point is the key here for the Tab RT as it is a new breed of product. Seeing as consumers are price conscious given the economic circumstances, it may be a tough sell when compared to the iPad. Yes, Windows RT may offer more functionality than the iPad but in a game of names, Apple wins.

These prices are not confirmed and could change before launch. Given that the products should be hitting the shelves in about a month, they should be fairly close to the final retail price as component pricing will not change dramatically over the time period before launch.

Source: ZDnet

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