Nokia working on a phablet; EOS and Catwalk to launch in summer

Nokia has a bunch of upcoming Windows Phone devices such as the Catwalk and the EOS line and according to a new rumor we can add a new one on that list: a phablet. 

According to a report from the Financial Times the company is looking to add a "phablet" device to its line-up. This new device would have a larger screen than the other Lumia phones and it would take advantage of the rumored 1080p resolution support that Microsoft is adding to Windows Phone 8 in the coming months. Not much else is known about the device at this point and we'll have to wait and see if this turns out to be true.

The same report also mentions the EOS Lumia, a device that's expected to have the full 41Mpx Pureview camera sensor, which might hit markets as early as July if this report is accurate. The EOS will also be accompanied by the Catwalk which appeared in some leaked pictures yesterday. WPCentral reports, via an unnamed source, that the device in the leaked images is indeed the Catwalk and that the images are accurate.

All of these devices are expected to make it into Nokia's portfolio later this year. In the meantime we have Nokia's financial report coming up later today when we'll see if the company managed to keep up it's previous momentum and stay in the black.

Source: Financial Times

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