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NV40 is a 16 pipelines part

AFTER DAYS, nay weeks of inquiring we can now confirm that NV40 is not 8x2 marchitecture part as we previously suggested. Nvidia is behaving as if the NV40 was the Crown Jewels of Her Brittanic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Fish can fly, but it's been spreading flying red herrings. Nvidia is telling "selected people" that NV40 is indeed 210 millions of transistor chip with 16 pipelines as we reported a few weeks ago.

The other side of this NV40 coin is that the real Mc Coy the real NV40 card that was taped out quite some time ago is actually going to be KIA [Killed in action]. Very knowledgeable friends told us recently in the Vienna Opera house that NV40 with 16 pipes and 210 millions of transistor is completely other chip then original NV40. What actually happened is that Nvidia recently learned about R420 marchitecture and this entire 12x1 story and, that they will eventually end up in second place and decided to can NV40 project and to go immediately with NV45.

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