Nvidia G70 Ultra cancelled

Heres some great news for 7800 GTX card owners, your card won't look dated after all because Nvidia have decided to cancel the 7800 Ultra, a decision based on pushing forward sales of the 7800 GT and GTX versions of its G70 core.

The Inquirer neglected to post a source but added "Business wise it's better to ship many GTX and GTs and sell them in quantities than to release a limited but faster Ultra. We learned that Nvidia shipped a few tens of thousands of GTX and GTs already and it has been shipping in numbers ever since."

The ultra flavoured card would of been a higher clocked version of the 7800 GTX, ATi does have a better card out there, the R520 XT but it's limited in numbers, which doesn't affect sales of the already popular 7800 GT and GTX.

View: Nvidia G70 Ultra Cancelled @ The Inquirer

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