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Office 2007: First impressions of an average user

OK, well perhaps I am not the average user, but I can say with my hand on my heart that I have never installed any of the Office 2007 Betas and, for what it's worth, not really followed the Office 2007 developement program with as much energy as others.

So, overnight I fired-up my Technet Plus subscription and downloaded Office 2007 Professional with a view to evaluating the final product. The first thing I noticed was the choice of versions available...one of the things I actually was aware of from the various news posts here at bink.nu. Looking through the programs available for each version I settled on the Pro download. At 410meg it wasn't that large, I certainly expected a bigger download. Nice to see. I let it download whilst I caught up on my beauty sleep.

The install of Office 2007 was fantastically simple. I mean that, in fact, I can't believe how much so. Finally, a Microsoft app that asks me for my product key up front and then doesn't bother me again until the end! The install removed my Office 2k3 install and put down 2007. As smoothly as I could have ever wanted.

Again, having not really spent much time going over beta screenshots like some people do, I was really taken back by the UI in Word. Outlook was about as I expected, but Word and Excel really threw me...for about 4 minutes. Seriously, that's all it took. The UI is simple, makes a lot of sense, and wasn't hard at all to 'master'. OK, 1 vote from me.

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