Office for Mac 2011 SP2 gets new update

Last week, Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 users were able to download a new update for the popular productivity software suite. The upgrade had a number of new features included, but some people who downloaded the update experienced issues related to corrupted identity databases. Late on Friday, Microsoft announced that it was pulling the SP2 patch from its Microsoft AutoUpdate system while it worked on a solution to the problem.

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced on its Office for Mac blog that it has issued a new update, 14.2.1, for the SP2 patch. The patch is now available to download via the Microsoft AutoUpdate system. It is also available as a manual download.

Microsoft's support page has a list of the patch notes for the 14.2.1 update. Users who have already downloaded the previous SP2 patch must also download this new update. On the other hand, this new patch will not fix any previously corrupted identity databases. Microsoft has already offered a workaround if users are dealing with those kinds of problems. However, if Office for Mac owners are still having issues, they may have to bite the bullet and delete their current identity in order to start from scratch with a new one.

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