One-Cart Wireless Play Confirmed for DS

Game Developer Magazine now has its E3 interview online, and Miyamoto confirms what we've all expected.

A Game Developers Magazine's online division by the name of Gamesutra has posted its E3 interview with game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma and lead DS hardware designer Kenichi Sugino. The article relates to a discusiion of game and hardware designs, Four swords but mainly Miyamoto's comments on Nintendo DS's multiplayer:

Miyamoto: "Whether you've got one DS and one game pack, and your friends have their DSes, you'll be able to download the game from the game pack in one DS wirelessly to your friends and you can all play together wirelessly." While this was pretty much assumed already, it is good to hear Nintendo is continuing one of the GBA's most innovative and convenient features. With the DS's rumored 4 MBytes of memory and its quicker LAN connectivity, it is likely we will see one-cart multiplayer comparable to current multi-cart games.

News source: PlanetGameCube

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