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Apple given six months to align iPad with EU's Digital Markets Act Regulations

The European Commission has expanded the Digital Markets Act (DMA) to include Apple's iPad in its preventive measures against potential competition abuses. Apple is now mandated to ensure its tablet ecosystem also complies with the DMA's regulations within the next six months.

Recently, Apple has made several changes to comply with the DMA. These changes include introducing new protections such as Notarization for iOS apps, authorization for marketplace developers, and disclosures on alternative payments to reduce risks and provide a more secure experience for users in the EU.

Apple has also allowed developers to create alternative marketplace apps on iOS, providing them with access to new app marketplace frameworks and APIs to securely receive and retrieve notarized apps from Apple Developer Program members. This allows users to download and install marketplace apps from their websites with authorized browsers, integrate with system functionality, back up and restore users' apps, and more.

The European Commission now wants Apple to make similar changes to the iPad ecosystem as well.

Although Apple managed to block Spotify's latest app update on iOS, citing non-compliance with new App Store rules regarding external links for purchases, the DMA requires companies to allow external links for purchases, ensuring fair competition and consumer choice within the digital market.

The move by the European Commission is part of a broader crackdown on Big Tech companies like Apple, Amazon, Meta, and others to prevent them from dominating digital markets. The Act, which came into full affect on March 7, 2024, aims to help third-party businesses better interact with customers without so-called gatekeepers making business difficult.

In order to comply with the DMA, Apple must address concerns raised by governments and users regarding the risks associated with allowing alternative app stores and payment processors on iOS and iPadOS while working to innovate and protect users within the legal framework of the DMA. The company is also expected to introduce new protections over time (PDF) to mitigate risks and maintain iPhone and iOS as the safest mobile platform for users in Europe.

Via Bloomberg

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