One in five iPhone users "constantly overdrawn"

Apple fans have long been known for their dedication, but new studies may reveal an element of truth to the assumption that most fans are living beyond their means. Of those surveyed, one in five iPhone users said that their main bank account is almost always overdrawn. In comparison, almost half of Android and Blackberry users said they were never overdrawn.

In a report published by The Daily Mail, figures suggest that there is a link between smartphone choice and financial status. Of those surveyed earning over £50,000 per year, 10% were Blackberry owners, 7% were Android owners, while only 5% were iPhone users. At the other end of the spectrum, 27% of Android users earned less than £20,000, while 38% of Blackberry users fell into the lowest earning bracket. On the iOS platform, that figure rose to just under 50%.

RIM has had great success with pushing the Blackberry into professional sectors, with their Blackberry Enterprise Server providing a simple solution to information exchange across several devices. On the other hand, the recent popularity of the Blackberry Messenger has brought the business-minded platform to the younger generation. The surge of interest among the younger audience makes sense, considering the high rate of users within the <£20,000 bracket.

As Apple prepares to release the rumoured iPhone 5, the internet has been left guessing as to what Apple has up their sleeves for their next release. NFC is a highly-rumoured feature, which would allow iPhone users to make payments by touching their phone against an NFC-enabled paypoint. On the other hand, such a feature might not be in their audience's best interests considering the results of this survey.

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