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A couple years ago I posted a wishlist on Channel9 of suggestions and changes I wanted to see in the next version of Windows, (Windows 7 at the time). Just the other day, I went looking for that list to scan through it and I was surprised by how many of the suggestions were actually implemented, such as simplifying the editions (although it was not to my actual specifications, Microsoft did listen). As a technology and Windows enthusiast, I am always thinking about what comes next. So, it’s natural for me to start wondering about the successor to Windows 7. Some of the obvious areas I suspect Microsoft might be focusing on are tablets, cloud computing and mobile devices.

In January at the Consumer Electronics Electronics show, Microsoft held a special press briefing discussing their support for new System On a Chip (SoC) architectures from ARM Holdings, Intel and AMD. What this means is, we should see some interesting devices that focus more on mobility, simplicity and performance. Lets get into the matter at hand, what I want to see added or improved in Windows 8:

  1. Integrate Windows Live Skydrive into Computer explorer as a Mapped Network drive where I can drag and drop files on my personal computer and save to it directly from within Windows and third party applications similar to Drop Box. You can do this today with a couple work arounds and third party solutions, but I want to see approved and acknowledged out of box support from Microsoft. Some persons might ask, why not just sync the User folder to the cloud instead of having separate cloud storage, since this would simplify access across multiple devices? Personally, I don’t think everyone is ready to push all their personal data to the cloud and would prefer to still have some information kept locally and separated, but there are some things you probably want to always have access to.

Read: 50 Suggestions: What I want in Windows 8

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