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Operation Na Pali patch 1.30

Operation Na Pali is a singleplayer modification for Unreal Tournament by Team Vortex.

1.30 Fixes

  • No more shield around ship when entering a level with a shieldbelt.

  • Ship no longer uses existing armor when taking damage.

  • Friendly fire damage reduced depending on difficulty level. (no damage in easy, all in unreal)

  • Ship doesn't reset health (i.e. health in np20 will be what it was at end of np19part2)

  • Dynamic Lighting warning message added. -Added sound notifictions to Chico Marine (Heavy Trooper) Player Model.

  • Fixed difficulty being reset to Medium in custom ONP maps and Monster Smash.

  • Fixed CodeConsole in netplay (i.e. can now get past np22).

  • Ammo will be no less than default (in the weapon) when going to a new level in co-op.

  • To appease custom mappers, added krall and krall elite followers. (Note that bsleeping is now a byte. you can use numbers to specify the sleep animation).

  • Start in np02davidm now works in co-op.
News source: Operation Na Pali website

Download: Patch v1.30 (4Mb)

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