OT: Copperfield Says German Lottery Forecast No Trick

American illusionist David Copperfield said Sunday he was bombarded by requests for tips on the winning numbers in Germany's national lottery Saturday night -- numbers he said he had predicted seven months ago.

Copperfield wrote down his forecast on Feb. 17 for the multi-million mark lottery drawing due Saturday Oct. 13. The prediction was sealed by a notary and locked in a box that was kept under round-the-clock surveillance.

One hour after the winning numbers were drawn, the box was opened on a live television broadcast and the numbers on the slip of paper matched the winning draw: 2, 9, 10, 15, 25, 38, 4.

``It wasn't a trick,'' Copperfield told Bild am Sonntag newspaper after the Saturday night performance on the popular ''Wanna Bet?'' broadcast on ZDF television. ``It was more an experiment and mental exercise. We only use about 10 percent of our brain capacity.''

Copperfield said he doesn't participate in lotteries because ``I find them boring. I'm not a gambler.'' He said he isn't tempted to play the lottery himself because then he wouldn't be able to ``see'' the numbers.

News source: Yahoo News

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