Outlook.com's new features start to roll-out

Microsoft recently announced that Outlook.com would be getting a couple of new features in the coming weeks. The most anticipated feature was the new Archive option which now is live for a lucky few.

Along with the new archive option, the Outlook.com team has expanded the color pallet as well.  These options are live in some parts of the world at the moment, but as of about 9AM EST, we do not have the features here in the US. In addition, the Calendar has yet to be updated as well for all users.

The new archive option will be a welcomed addition for those moving from Gmail to Outlook as they will now find the transition even easier with this feature. We have long requested Microsoft include an archive option and with the feature now live in some parts of the world, the service is taking one more giant step towards besting Gmail on every front.

Othere users are also chiming in that they are starting to see some, but not all of the new features hitting their accounts too; we suspect the feature is rolling out across the platform will but will take time to propegate. Let us know if you see the Archive and new color options on your Outlook.com account. 

Thanks for the tip Leoberto!

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