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Phantom Still Alive, But Not Quite Ready to Strike

Infinium Labs much touted Phantom games console/service has had analysts, gamers and journalists confused from day one, announced over three years ago it didn't even make an appearance at e3 this year, but according to Infinium it is still "moving forward in development".

The firm has been in trouble since the word go, with some accusing Infinium of creating a fake product that would draw in investment cash. Three years later the company now has a running loss of $70 million, without anything to show for their troubles, apart from a flash website and a few floating ideas. Despite the constant delays and rumours of a collapse the firms new CEO Greg Koler pronounced that the Phantom Lapboard is on course to be released this October to the US market.

The Phantom consoles worked on an idea similar to Valve's Steam distribution service, the Phantom would act as a console, downloading primarily PC games which have been optimised to work on the Phantom console lapboard.

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