Philips Launch Tabletop Entertainment Device

Philips, best know for lightbulbs and electric razors, are launching a 'traditional' boardgame device with some very modern touches - a 30" touch screen LCD, to be precise.

Designed for the home market, Philips hope 'Entertaible' (entertainment + table - geddit?) will revolutionise the board game industry. "

Entertaible offers the means to reinvigorate established board game classics," said Gerard Hollemans of Philips. "

However, in the longer term, Entertaible could be used to invent brand new games offering unprecedented levels of user interaction – games that would never become predictable or ever quite 'feel' the same twice, however often you played them." The company hopes that the device will also bring gamers back 'together', and promote interaction between families. Hollemans thinks the device will "

contrast[s] completely to the solitary, isolated environment encouraged by some contemporary console-based electronic games."

Philip's press release, somewhat giddily, talk of the device also having use in business or education scenarios, leading us to wonder exactly what came first - a Philips engineer coming up with a (admittedly, rather cool) 30" touchscreen LCD and looking for a way to market it, or a desire to revolutionise how we play monopoly. We'll never know, but one things for sure - you'll never need to worry about losing the dice with this game.

Philips are demo-ing the device at CES, and have not yet announced a price or a launch date. Neowin will be providing coverage of CES right here, as well as on our very own podcast; stay tuned.

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