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Pipex gives away free ADSL modem

Pipex is getting even more aggressive in the broadband marketplace with yet another tempting offer designed to get people to sign-up to its ADSL service. Until June 13 the broadband ISP is offering new customers a new Fujitsu FDX310 ADSL modem worth £94 in return for an old external dial-up modem. The old dial-up modems - which need to be complete with power supply and cables - will be sent to Computer Aid International where they will be recycled for use by schools and community organisations in developing countries.

This latest promo is on top of an existing offer in which the ISP waived the £59 set-up fee for its first 40,000 broadband customers. So far Pipex has signed up almost 20,000 ADSL punters in just three months. Pipex's ISP ADSL service costs £23.44 a month

News source: The Reg

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