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Pirates Of The Burning Sea Interview

MMORPG.IT: A few months have passed since our last interview: how is the project going? Are there any major changes?

FLS: There are a number of big changes that have happened. We completely replaced our sailing model with a new, much more realistic and interesting one, the look and design of our user interface are under revision, the new statistical tracking system is in, and as I write this, we finally have the long awaited new particle system in the game and working! This and the damage model (which Heidi just completed) are what we've been waiting on to do new movies. Our visual effects artist is now hard at work making the clouds of smoke, explosions, impacts, splashes, and other effects that will make our game look even better.

MMORPG.IT: In a previous interview you said there were a couple of things you're working on for the initial release that you previously expected would be added later. Can you announce them now, or is it still a top-secret issue? :P

FLS: We don't like to show anything until the idea has been thought through and tested in game.JSecret!


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